Ahead of World Cup final, Kumar Dharmasena ‘hugs and makes up’ to Jason Roy for semifinal blunder

Jason Roy and Kumar Dharmasena were at the centre of conversation when England played Australia in the Cricket World Cup semifinal. Dharmasena, umpiring that day, had declared Roy out, despite him not being so. However, new images show that there is no love lost between the two despite the incident. 

Kumar Dharmaseana was picked to umpire in the Cricket World Cup final. As a result, he came up against Jason Roy once more, the same man who he had famously given out just one match before. However, the Sri Lankan umpire seems to have made up to the Englishman. Or at least the images suggest so.

(Image Credits: Yupp TV)

Dharmasena came under the spotlight after he gave a decision against Jason Roy in the Cricket World Cup semifinal. The Sri Lankan umpire declared Roy out after some deliberation. The England opener was caught behind at the slips but replays showed that the ball didn’t touch his bat at all.

Roy, meanwhile, couldn’t go upstairs to the third umpire with Dharmasena’s call due to England’s review being wasted by Jonny Bairstow earlier in the match, Visibly angry, the Englishman argued with the umpire before he was asked to go back to the pavilion. He was later charged thirty per cent of his match fees for excessive appealing.

However, with the latest image of the two, it seems that Roy has decided to bury the hatchet and move on. England take on New Zealand in the World Cup final, with the opener being handed the responsibility of starting them off on the right note.

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