Amanda Serrano Moves Away From Boxing, Shifts Focus on MMA

The seven-time world champion in six divisions, Amanda Serrano, is determined to devote as much time as necessary to mixed martial arts to achieve the goals she has not achieved in boxing as a full-time athlete.

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“I have spent a lot of time dedicating all my energies to MMA. My last boxing match was basically training for my second MMA fight on October 13 in Arizona, under Combate Americas,” said Amanda Serrano.

“My new passion is to fight in the cage. In MMA they treat you well and there is equality. Is that much to ask in boxing? Boxing has given me recognition for the merits I have achieved but when we talk about exposure and the economics, it is very frustrating. I can not pay the rent with the titles that I’ve won. I have sacrificed my body to be world champion in six weight categories. To that I can add, that people like my style of fighting because I am aggressive, I can box very technical if I have to do it, but it seems that it is not enough.”

“One of my greatest wishes is that those aspiring to be boxers at a professional level, when they reach that level, do not have to go through what I’ve gone through.”
“At the end of the day, this is not a boxing retirement, as long as a fight that makes economic sense appears. I am a full-time fighter and do not forget that for a second.”
“Several media indicated that my retirement in boxing was final and I regret to tell you that they are wrong. My focus in these moments is MMA, only that unfortunately, my first passion, which was boxing, now occupies a secondary place in my priorities,” affirmed Serrano.

After making history in professional boxing by becoming the first woman to win world championships in six weight classes,  Serrano (0-0-1) will have her second fight in mixed martial arts on Friday , October 13 at the AVA Amphitheater at the Casino del Sol in the city of Tucson, Arizona, where she will face Erendira ‘Aketzaly’ Ordoñez (2-1), scheduled for three rounds at flyweight (125 pounds).

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