Basingstoke: Should a Hotel Guest Be Banned for Talking About His ‘Trouser Snake?’

Hotel Blackslists are real, this we know. But what gets you on a hotel’s naughty list can vary.

Most of the time it’s for doing something illegal–drugs, prostitution, soliciting and failing to pay your bill. Sometimes, it can be for disruptive behavior–loud parties, drunkenness, damaging the room and walking around naked. And other times, it can be simply because the hotel didn’t want you back. (Or rather, didn’t want you there in the first place, which once happened to us a few years ago.)

But for this one guest in the U.K., the reason for blacklisting was very clear–he joked about his “trouser snake.”

HC Alumnus JuliaB tweeted us a write-up of the indecent incident

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