“Broke All Shaq Records in Texas High School Basketball”: Former NBA Player Gives a Hard Hitting Reply to Online Trolls

Kendrick Perkins has become a prominent personality now, all thanks to his prominent presence online. He’s known to give valuable analysis, considering he’s a veteran of 14 years himself. Although at times they are controversial, the 2008 NBA Champion isn’t shy and pretty upfront about his opinions. Because of this, he’s managed to attract a few online trolls, which is pretty standard nowadays. Replying to one such internet troll, he reminded everyone how he even broke Shaquille O’Neal’s records on his way to the NBA

This is the same Shaq, who completely dominated NBA during his prime. He ultimately retired with 4 rings, having completed 19 NBA seasons, reached 17 playoffs, and been an All-star for 15 times. Shaq even ended with 3 Finals MVP, 1 regular season MVP and the Rookie of the Year honors. 

Kendrick Perkins vs Shaquille O’Neal

This seems like a never-ending feud. Shaq played his last season in 2010-11 with Boston Celtics. The two have been teammates and played some 12 or so matches together for the Celtics. The tensions between them became a tabloid talk in 2013 when they exchanged a series of sarcastic tweets. Evidently, Perkins ‘misspelled’ Shaq and said, “Do Shack ever stop talking about himself. SMH”. To this, the 7’1” tall man responded by saying, “Wow @kendrickperkins is dominating 2 PTs. When he gets 20 and 10 then ill stop talking about myself”. This just showed how Shaq doubted the caliber of Perkins.

Years passed, but the battle of words is still alive. Kendrick Perkins tweeted something about his achievements and compared how he was better than Shaq in High School Basketball.

Who was actually better in their days before the NBA happened?

Let’s take the younger and shorter (in height) of the two first. Post his senior season in 2003, Kendrick was selected into the McDonald’s All-American Game. He was just a 19-YO back then. His average was 27.5 ppg, 16.4 rebounds, and 7.8 blocks in that season. Thanks to his performance Beaumont’s Ozen HS had a 33-1 record.

On the other hand, Shaq was nowhere behind. He made his presence felt wherever he entered his feet. He led Cole High School’s Cougars Basketball team to a clean 36-0 season. He averaged a crazy 32 ppg, 26 rpg, and 8 bpg. 

Although all stats might point towards Shaq ultimately having a more successful career, there is one particular stat which shines bright on Perkins’ resume. He ended his NBA career with better free throw percentage than Shaq: 59.4% vs 52.7% for the former Lakers star.

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