Cyclist ‘almost killed’ after gang of teens ‘armed with mental rods’ assault him on Dublin canal cycle path

A CYCLIST was “almost killed” yesterday after a gang of teens brutally attacked him with “metal rods” along a cycle path.

Engineer Yaman Umburoglu – who works as a researcher in Dublin – was assaulted while cycling along the Grand Canal.

 The cyclist's helmet was left covered dented after the attack


The cyclist’s helmet was left covered dented after the attack

Yaman shared a shot of his helmet covered in dents from the attack by a group of yobs.

He explained that the teens, who looked around 13 to 14-years-old, made off with his e-bike after the incident.


He recounted in a Twitter thread: “I was almost killed by a gang of lads armed with metal rods on the Grand Canal cycle path, ambushed at a squeeze stile.

“They made off with my e-bike but not before beating me up. See dents on helmet below.

“For the record, I commute along the canal everyday and I look forward to it.

“There’s so many birds to see and it feels a lot safer than sharing the road with SUVs.

“Would be so much better without the stiles, although I heard they were put in place to prevent dirt bikes coming in.”


However, all help was not lost for him as cyclists who came along his path as he waited for gardai – offered a lending hand and waited with him.

Eventually Yaman was sent to A&E before gardai got there.

He said: “As I sat and bled next to the Blackhorse waiting for the Gardai, several cyclists stopped to offer me help, some waited with me.

“The driver of the taxi I ended up taking to St. James’ refused to charge me.

“Ireland has its flaws, but a lack of kind people is not one of them.”

A garda spokesperson said that they received a report of the incident but could not find any injured party upon arrival.


They said: “Gardaí did receive a report of an assault yesterday, 9th December near the Blackhorse Luas stop at approximately 7.45pm.

“Upon arrival to the scene, Gardaí were unable to locate any injured party within the area. No offence disclosed.”

Yaman has told the Irish Sun he will be heading to the Garda station today.

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