Dunblane: You’d Best Be Off The Booze When Visiting Andy Murray’s Scottish Hotel

Shhh, if we concentrate on the food, they won’t notice the price of the wine

This had better not be a dastardly plan to put Andy Murray off his game at Wimbledon. The Daily Mail (for who else would criticize a national hero at such a critical time?) that Murray’s hotel in Stirling, Scotland, which opened in April, is overcharging guests on the booze. And we mean overcharging.

For instance, a bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild Pauillac costs ?1800 ($ 3078) at The Cromlix. What’s that, you say? You gotta pay for top quality? Not when the Berkeley charges a mere ?990 ($ 1694) for a bottle of the same. And London overheads sure ain’t the same as

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