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New South Wales cyclist landed with $915 fine for three incidents in one go


Arguably Australia has far more pressing things to be worrying about at the moment, but a Sydney cyclist has took to Facebook to share photos of three separate fines he racked up in just a day to act as a warning to others. The hapless rider’s crimes were riding without a helmet, riding through a red light and riding on a footpath, with the total amount in fines totalling $915. 

“Friendly warning to Sydney bike riders and unfamiliar tourists … Riding without a helmet, riding on a footpath, not stopping before a red light, or doing all three at once could land you $915.00 in one go,” he wrote according to Yahoo News. 

“The joke is on me today, don’t let the joke be on you.”

On a local Sydney cycling Facebook group responses were mix, with some expressing sympathy yet others taking issue; one described riding on the footpath as “selfish and arrogant”, while another said no helmet and running red lights are “big no no’s.” 

The fine for riding without a helmet was set at $73 for years, but has recently quadrupled to a whopping $344. 

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