New York will consider possibility of trading Leonard Williams

New York Jets defensive end Leonard Williams could be on the move during the 2019 offseason despite being a strong contributor to the Jets’ pass rush in recent years. Williams just finished his fourth season with the Jets and had a disappointing season in terms of production. Then again, the Jets had yet another disappointing season, so it was more or less of a group effort.

According to ESPN staff writer Rich Cimini, the money that Williams’ will be getting for the 2019 season could be reason enough for the Jets to want to part ways with their stud defensive end.

“[Williams], whose salary balloons in 2019 to $14.2 million (the amount of his fifth-year option). From what I hear, the organization will consider the possibility of shopping him to see if he could bring a second-round pick or better.”

Williams may find himself with the Jets next season if the new coaching personnel chooses to keep him in the trenches for a young and talented Jets defense.

“With his ’19 salary and a possible franchise tag in 2020, Williams would make an estimated $32 million over the next two seasons — top-10 money for a defensive lineman, based on average per year. With that kind of money in his future, it makes sense to be proactive — extend his contract or trade him. If they wait a year, they could lose him for nothing or get stuck overpaying for the franchise tag.”

Williams has often been a solid contributor to the Jets’ defense and it would be unfair to generalize his young career simply based off a poor 2018 season.

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