Pass interference controversies continues to haunt NFL


1. When you write a daily column, sometimes you get stuff wrong and sometimes you get stuff right. I’m going to focus on the latter and recall something that I wrote in Traina Thoughts on Aug. 16, during the NFL preseason. 

“It’s gonna be so fun to watch every NFL player, coach and fan lose their minds this season over the new rule that allows pass interference to be challenged. Because even with replay, the refs still can’t get it right.”

I have to admit, when I wrote that, I didn’t know coaches would be allowed to challenge pass interference, but the officials wouldn’t overturn the call on the field no matter what happened on the play. But that’s how this ridiculous rule change has played out this year and it’s been a complete disaster.

The latest example came Monday night, when Cowboys cornerback Chidobe Awuzie clearly draped himself all over Giants tight end Evan Engram before the pass got to Engram. Naturally, the refs on the field got it wrong and did not call pass interference. Giants coach Pat Shurmur, who for some reason hasn’t realized yet that 99% of the time, replay is not going to overturn PI calls, challenged the ruling on the field. And of course, the ruling on the field stood.

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