This Cool Cycling Mask Can Block Air Pollution Particles

R-Pur Mask (Photo Credit: R-Pur/Indiegogo)

Biking, cycling, or jogging in an urban area could expose you to toxic air pollution. Breathing in fumes might lead to serious health problems, however, R-Pur, a French company, aims to protect commuters’ lungs with a new accessory: an anti-pollution mask that blocks toxic particles.

The R-Pur Nano mask, which is made in France, is designed for bikers, cyclists, and runners. It can filter toxic particles, including automobile exhaust, diesel, bacteria, and viruses, so you can breathe in clean air whenever you’re traveling around cities. If you’re interested in buying it, you’ll have to wait: The mask, which costs $149, is already sold out on R-Pur’s Indigogo page.

AT CES 2019, R-Pur revealed a prototype with a cool update: Lights on the side of the prototype mask can change and alert you about the surrounding air quality. You’ll know if there’s dirty air present, since the mask connects to an app that measures the life of the mask’s filter. This app also gives details on global pollution data, so you’ll never be left in the dark when it comes to air quality.

For more information on this the R-Pur Nano mask, you can visit R-Pur’s Indigogo page. According to the page, R-Pur already shipped its first R-Pur Nano masks in December, however, no other updates have been provided yet.

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