Top 10 fastest fighter jets in the World

This video shows the list of TOP 10 WORLD`S FASTEST FIGHTER JETS IN THE WORLD. As you can see all the Fighter jets are in and around Mach 2. Though there are no major differences but speed too matters when an Aircraft is being compared with one another and especially when it comes to fighters. But In this list we have not included the bombers and Reconnaissance air crafts because they don`t belong to the fighting category…. So Enjoy the video and Do share this video If you like this…

We also collected some clips on Flying Fighter planes in the list. So Here are the top 10 fastest fighter jets :-
10)Dassault Rafale
9) Sukhoi 33 Flanker D
8)Dassault Mirage
7)Sukhoi 35 Flanker E
6)MiG 29 Fulcrum
5)F22 Raptor
4)Sukhoi 50 PAK
3)Grumman F14 Tomcat
2) Eurofighter Typhoon
1)F15 Strike Eagle

We have not included MiG -31 and MiG – 25 and many other similar aircrafts in this list because they are Interceptor Jet Fighters and does not belong to Fighting category. A seperate video has been uploaded by our team to show how fast they are. Follow this link to see ” TOP 10 FASTEST FIGHTER INTERCEPTORS” here:-


Information gathered by :-
Science Gave Us Lot Team

10)Dassault Rafale clip by Cargospotter
9) Sukhoi 33 footage by vexed123
8)Dassault Mirage footage by AIRBOYD
7)Sukhoi 35 Flanker E by arronlee33
6)MiG 29 Fulcrum by SPACE AFFAIRS
5)F22 Raptor by Gung Ho Vids
4)Sukhoi 50 PAK FA by defence videos
3)Grumman F14 Tomcat by coolvid679
2) Eurofighter Typhoon by Jim Ramsay
1)F15 Strike Eagle by Michael Holl

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