‘We’re just political pawns in this chess game,’ correctional worker says

‘We’re just political pawns in this chess game,’ correctional worker says (WBMA)

Some federal workers are speaking out about what they’re going through while the government is shut down.

The two speaking out are correctional officers at FCI Aliceville. ABC 33/40 watched the president’s address with them in Tuscaloosa.

Terrence Windham, president of the union and Angie Acklin are taking things one day at a time.

“It’s been more stressful in terms of thinking of how things things are going to get taken care of,” says Acklin.

Spending habits have changed.

“I don’t know when my next paycheck will be,” Acklin says.

Some things have to be cut from the family budget.

“Eating out of course and number two is going to be consolidation of gas. Possibly seeing where we can go places together. Netflix, Hulu, those things that come automatically out of the account,” says Windham about his family.

They’re working their regular hours, but this shutdown means they don’t get paid until it’s all over. After watching the address, they still aren’t sure of where to go from here.

“We’re just political pawns in this chess game between the two and they don’t seem to want to give up on either side and work together. That’s what we need them to do, work together, find a solution,” says Acklin.

Even from a usual optimist, hope is hard to find.

“Right now, it looks like the glass is half full,” says Windham.

Both have been through government shutdowns before, but say this one is much harder. They both say the light at the end of the tunnel was easier to find during the last ones.

“It makes you feel as if you put your best effort forward, you’ve tried to do all that you can do, and then you turn around and get slapped in the face,” says Windham.

Windham says while there are 800,000 federal workers, those workers have families.

He wants legislators to remember there are millions of people affected, and they too, are important.

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