World Cup 2019 Final Prize Money and How it Compares to Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final

The world order in cricket will witness a new dawn when a title-starved England will meet their match in New Zealand’s feisty Black Caps in a World Cup final that will produce a new champion come Sunday.

Held every four years, the ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the most-watched sporting events and the moment a winning team lifts the World Cup trophy is one of the most celebrated moments around the world.

The fact that the tournament only comes around every four years adds to the glory, but that isn’t the only thing the teams competing in the final are playing for.

As with most top-level competitions in the modern era, there are financial rewards for winning the World Cup and even those who don’t win are in for a lucrative boost.

There is a lot of money to be made. The total prize money for the Cricket World Cup is $10 million (Rs 69.6 crore). The winner on Sunday will receive $4 million and the runners-up will earn $2 million, the highest ever purse for a cricket world cup.

The losing semi-finalists get $800,000 each at the end of the 46-day tournament being played across 11 venues.

Although at first glance the amount may seem to be a lot, it is not really when compared to the prize money of top events of other sports around the world.

The Sunday has been dubbed as a Super Sunday as it will also see a titanic clash between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic on the grass courts of Wimbledon, London, and a Formula 1 race at the Silverstone circuit, also in London.

The Wimbledon has a total prize money of $ 49 million dollars or Rs 341 crore, nearly five times that of the ICC World Cup. The winner of the men’s or women’s singles takes home a cool $ 3.14 million.

All these figures, however, dwarf in comparison to the total prize money on offer in the FIFA World Cup 2018: a whopping $ 400 million or Rs 2,786 crore. The FIFA world cup final alone was worth more than six times the ICC World Cup, as the winners were paid $38m while the runners-up got $28m.

Here is an infographic to help you digest all this information:

CWC_Prize Money of Major Sports

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